malware-infiltrationMalicious software (malware for short) is one of the most common and often damaging problems any computer faces. When your personal computer gets infected it can cause unending spam and advertisements that are both annoying, and frustrating to deal with but more importantly it can also cause permanent data loss, theft of data, theft of identity, and many other issues.

For the average user this is a painful situation to deal with, but for a company the risk from malware becomes even greater. Hackers can use custom crafted versions of common malware to breach your network to acquire employee & client details, private financial records, trade secrets, but worse paralyze your network infrastructure making it extremely difficult to be productive.

Fortunately, with our techniques, most malware applications can be removed without permanent harm to your data. We have a 95% success rate in removing most harmful software such as viruses and trojans from your network before the worst happens.