Tier 1 Service Desk – This is the level where a user makes initial contact to seek resolution for an issue. Users contact our service desk and the service desk triages the problem, and tracks the problem to ensure that the user is kept up to date on progress.

Tier 2 User Support – At this level, user support for day to day use of the system is addressed.  Questions or issues requiring technical investigation, knowledge or maintenance services are triaged and forwarded to Tier 3 Application Support.

Tier 3 Application Maintenance – At this level, the various support teams are engaged to solve technical issues with the applications, networks or infrastructure.  The teams coordinate their work to ensure that the incident is addressed by any team that can provide assistance in resolving the incident.

Tier 4 Vendor Support – At this tier, third party vendors become involved to address problems that have been traced to their software applications.

In effect Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 5:00pm