Sometimes the best solution is the most simple solution. If your computer’s hardware is in good condition, but it no longer works as well as it once did, it maybe time for a Refresh.

Much like resetting a phone or tablet to factory defaults; we can bring your computer back to its original condition (or sometimes better than the original condition as we avoid installing all the bloated, unnecessary software your PC originally came with). This process includes completely erasing all data on the system, even Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux itself, and reinstalling all of it from scratch.sshot4d80fbdf0c1ee

Have a lot of documents, pictures, music, and other such files you don’t want to lose? No problem! We can backup the entire contents of your drive for you, and put all that data back after the computer has been refreshed. Unfortunately, programs that need to be installed or setup cannot be backed up this way, but that’s no problem either! Provide us with the original CDs and product keys for your software and we’ll make sure it’s all installed and up to date to.

The result? A computer that runs as close to new as possible, letting you get back to being productive (or back to reading Reddit without interruptions. If your boss catches you though, sorry we can’t refresh them).